Creative and Sensory Approaches to Forest Therapy

Vibrational Essence Making

Hannah McQuilkan, ND

Flower essences and vibrational remedies are a simple and beautiful way to connect with the healing powers of nature. In this informative and experiential workshop Hannah will share what vibrational essences are and how they work, so you can make them at home. Our group will come together for an essence making experience like no other! Opening our earth dreaming sense, waters from across the world, plants and treasures are brought by participants as we join in creating an essence with the intention of spreading the joy of nature connection across the planet. You will receive some of this essence to take home. You are invited to bring whatever calls to you such as water from your land, treasures to include, a glass bottle (a limited amount will be supplied).

Hannah McQuilkan is a qualified Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Aromatherapist and Energy Healer with 20 years experience in the wellness industry. She is currently completing her training as a Forest Therapy Guide. Hannah has been making vibrational essences and remedies using the magic and power of nature for 15 years and sold her own range of vibrational essences throughout New Zealand. Her highly developed intuition allows her to commune with nature, producing co-created products that uplift and benefit the planet.