Creative and Sensory Approaches to Forest Therapy

Using the Body-Mind Connection as a Nature Therapy and Awakening Tool

Tamarack Song
Founder, Director
Teaching Drum Outdoor School, Healing Nature Center,
Leticia Seibel
Teaching Drum Outdoor School

The old saying, "as goes the body, so goes the mind" is especially true in Nature. When we change direction on a trail, we open up to the possibility for a mental change of direction. The uplifting feeling that comes from taking in a panoramic vista lifts the spirits and encourages creativity. Transitions from one habitat type to another, footbridges, changes in elevation, variations in topography — even trailside benches — all ply their magic with your clients, bringing new possibilities to their lives. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to best use the features unique to your trail habitat to create parallel shifts in your clients’ psycho-emotional landscapes. You’ll acquire techniques for guiding a trail walk that keeps your clients present, attuned, and challenged. As Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh says, “Breath is the bridge that connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts.” You’ll learn breathing techniques that both ground your clients in Earth energy and open them to the benefits of primal aromatherapy. This workshop is based on Tamarack’s PhD research in utilizing the body-mind connection as a creative vehicle, and for trauma recovery.

Tamarack Song learned about the healing powers of Nature through academic study, apprenticing to Native shamans and herbalists, living with a pack of Wolves, and residing in the wilds for most of his life. He currently lives in the Nicolet National Forest, where he keeps in touch with the Wolves and other medicine animals and plants with whom he works.
Tamarack is the founder and director of the Teaching Drum Outdoor School, where he developed a year-long wilderness immersion program. He serves as executive director of the Healing Nature Center, and he co-founded Healing Nature Trails. Having academic training in Stress Management, Ethics, Therapeutic Breathwork, Conservation, and Nonprofit Corporation Management, he is currently pursuing doctorates in Nature-based Healing and Trauma Recovery. He serves as an environmental restoration and outdoor expedition consultant, and he designs Healing Nature Trails in North America and abroad. The author of Breaking the Trauma Code, The Suicide Prevention Handbook, Trance-Trauma Release, Wilderness Stress and Trauma, and Your Spirit Animal Guides, he has also written books on Zen, shamanic healing, Nature awareness, and Native lifeway.

Lety began her career as a Human under the tutelage of her healer Grandmother, who led her to be a generalist, a mindful listener and observer, to grow in relationship with leafed, winged, furred, and all who feed and are fed by them. A chameleon, simultaneous translator, energy worker, massage therapist, gardener, farmer, primitive potter, leather crafter, beader, seamstress, dancer, drummer, mischief maker, business owner and manager, accountant, poet, storyteller, fool, tracker, guide, child, adolescent, woman, and crone, Lety hears and heeds the Voice of Nature wherever she goes, and finds herself at home.