Creative and Sensory Approaches to Forest Therapy

Tai Chi in Nature

Maureen Miller

The ancient art of Tai Chi has its basis in Nature and is often called "meditation (or medication) in motion". In this session you will discover this connection as you are introduced to Tai Chi principles and a short series of movements. Following this we will discuss how such principles and movements can be incorporated into a guided Forest Therapy walk. (No experience or special equipment or getting down on the ground needed.)

Maureen Miller, from St. Marys, GA, has 20+ years experience playing, teaching, and writing about Tai Chi. She found her early instructors in her workplace and, at the same time, realized that Tai Chi was more than just an exercise, but a way of life. Maureen’s 30 years of “real jobs” in computer technology, conferences services, teaching (both children and adults) have provided a strong background for her goal introducing others to Tai Chi through classes, workshops, and the Learning With the Principles retreat. Maureen, a certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide (Cohort 20), enjoys introducing others to benefits of exercising and playing outdoors.