Practices and Theory
Presentation and Discussion

Selvans: Protecting Old Growth Forests

Silvia Gili i Olmeda
Sèlvans Training
Jaume Hidalgo i Colomé
General Coordinator
Sélvans Organization

Sèlvans works hard to safeguard the most valuable forests, the most mature ones, which contain ancient trees and retain a more complete natural structure. Our aim is to form a wide network of high conservation value forests, with some sectors assigned to free natural dynamics and others subjected to minimal intervention so as to contribute to the conservation of biodiversity. Within this basic framework, there is a subset of therapeutic forests: a woodland infrastructure to help us reconnect with nature that complements urban green zones and creates a remarkably high-quality range of health and wellbeing services throughout the region. The creation of the network of therapeutic forests and the corresponding Sèlvans quality standard is based on 6 principles: the peace and quiet of the landscape and the naturalness of the forest, a specialized guidance to facilitate the group’s immersion and connection with this environment, stewardship agreements with the forest land owners, a minimal infrastructure that blends in with the surroundings, a synergy with local stakeholders, and a link to a medical research programme.