Building Positive Relationships: Parks, Government, Healthcare

Sacred Spaces: Addressing individual and community health through nature

Erin Robertson
Executive Director
TKF Foundation Annapolis

Gardens and green spaces, long valued for their aesthetic appeal, are increasingly being recognized for the deeply significant role they play in individual and community health and wellbeing. This is something the founders of Nature Sacred have long understood. For more than two decades, the nonprofit has been working in and with communities to create what they call Sacred Places, open greenspaces that foster mindful reflection, provide solace and foster wellbeing. Nature Sacred’s Executive Director Erin Robertson will speak on the organization’s process for creating these spaces, a process that both empowers and guides the community in the creation of their unique nature space. She will also touch on the latest scientific research, which speaks to the power of these spaces to help unite and heal communities - and her experiences in the ongoing work, through the Nature Sacred Network, to help ensure these spaces continue to thrive.

At the beginning of 2018, Erin assumed the executive director position at the TKF Foundation, after having served as our director of enrichment grants. She is leading the Foundation at a pivotal time, as our attention shifts to our Nature Sacred Program.As executive director, she is working to place a spotlight on the way urban green spaces can foster stronger cities in lasting, meaningful ways. Prior to joining TKF, Erin was with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s development department. She also previously served as Legislative Director for the Majority Leader of the Maryland State Senate.