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Presentation and Discussion

Preserving our Verdant World

Michael Stusser
Certified Forest Therapy Guide
Green Spa Network; Osmosis Spa

Trees are the best technology for pulling carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and effectively reversing the effects of climate change. Based on scientific measurements, we have the ability to reverse global warming by enacting this simple solution to global warming by planting 175 billion trees by the year 2030. Planting trees and preserving forests can balance many of the negative effects of human activity on our ecosystem before the threat from rising global temperature becomes irreversible. Forest bathing practice and practitioners can play a critical part. In this presentation I will present the solid plans for how we can accomplish this goal and the critical role that the forest bathing community can play to make it happen.

Michael Stusser’s early career was in organic gardening; he helped found three training centers centers still in operation today including the Agroecology program at UC Santa Cruz and the garden at Occidental Arts and Ecology Center.Deeply moved by the Japanese garden and Zen Buddhism, Michaelstudied these traditional arts in Kyoto Japan during the early 80’s. His discovery of the Cedar Enzyme Bath was life-changing experiences that lead him to create Osmosis, a destination day spa. Beginning with a 400 sq. ft prototype made of recycled wood from a chicken coop, Osmosis has grown in thirty years into a nationally known spa on 5 acres with extensive mediation gardens.Collaborating with local businesses, Osmosis has become an integral part of the diverse mix of attractions that make up the special legacy of Sonoma County.In recent years he has helped to create a local non-profit established to green local businesses and evolve ecotourism in the Russian River Region.Michael is also a founding member of The Green Spa Network, an innovative nonprofit trade association of eco-friendly spas and spa professionals working to cultivate the vital connection between personal wellbeing, economic sustainability, and the health of our planet. In 2017 Michael completed the AFTN certification and lead a tour of the foundations of Forest Bathing in Japan with Amos Clifford. He is a founding member of Verdant World, an organization dedicated to reversing climate change through forest protection and regeneration.