Creative and Sensory Approaches to Forest Therapy

My Treasure Map - An Interactive Experience in Edutainment

Sage Raindancer
Certified Forest Therapy Guide

My Treasure Map is a combination primarily of my Web of Inter-beings & Trail Map, and secondarily my Harvest Project and Medicine Walk. It's a creative challenge in edutainment by utilizing art, poetry, origami, optical illusions, and puzzles to creatively connect to nature.

I'm a Certified Guide from Cohort 20. I've been a practicing massage therapist for just over 2 decades. I've been an instructor for massage therapy for adults and high school students, as well as an Outdoor Instructor w/ REI as an urban & bikecamping guide and teaching kids & adults how to ride a bike. I've a been a professional urban cyclist and currently a volunteer bike marshal with Washington DC's largest cycling social ride, DC Bike Party. I'm a veteran of the Army Reserves Military Police. From these various career paths and passions I finely have created a niche of my very own by utilizing the healing ways of nature, a love for be-ing outdoors, and a sense for adventure. Or misadventure.