Developing Your Guiding Business

Future with Forests: Shinrin-yoku in Japan

Nagisa Ono
Forest Therapist
Future with Forest

Currently, busy business people are working to reconnect with the inherent human power of creativity. We provide training and consulting for companies throughout Japan on how to use the healing power of forests to support healthy and productive company cutures. My work aims to spread activities so that forest bathing activities reach not only therapeutic actions, but the general public. I will introduce case examples and share my thoughts and initiatives. One of my aims for participating in this conference is to learn together, spread Shinrin-yoku more widely, and understand more about other approaches. I am grateful for this opportunity to introduce practices, examples, methods, from Japan.

I am a trained forest therapist, and I also trained forest therapists in Japan.

I launched my own company, "Forest and the Future," in 2015 and now I have developed my own method.

After graduating from the Department of Forestry and Regional Environmental Sciences, Tokyo University of Agriculture,
I became involved in the business related to mental health improvement of companies with the motive of wanting to use forests for human health, and acquired qualification of certified industry counselor and forest therapist.

Over the past 10 years, I have developed forest training programs, launched a health resort hotel business, and launched an overseas mental health business. I've contributed to a nationwide health tourism plan making use of forest resources.
My company provides corporate training and human resource development , and produces written educational materials.
I frequently lecture in Japan on the topic of forest therapy and writing books.

Incorporating the theme of “your time to feel the forest”, we want to do activities that lead to a rich future with the forest.
I am serving as a Forestry Policy Council member from 2019 to 2022.