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From WooWoo to Essential: Envisioning Sustainable Forest Therapy Careers

David Motzenbecker
Founder, Director
Motz Studios

We are envisioning this panel as a shared exploration of possibilities for sustainable careers in forest therapy, by envisioning new programs and jobs in healthcare, parks management, city programs, tourism. Panelists: Dr. Kathy Wolf, Felipe Benitez, Tamberly Conway, PhD., Youmin Yap, Amanda Yik, Brenda Spitzer, Kirsten Snow, and Amos Clifford.

David helps leaders across all sectors recognize the value and positive metrics that embracing immersive forest therapy can bring to their enterprise.  His specialties are Shinrin Yoku; regenerative, salutogenic, and biophilic design; unique public engagement methodologies; and green infrastructure.  For a unique perspective, David brings 18 years of landscape architectural design and public policy expertise to the practice of Forest Therapy.  He has led an extensive number of visioning and mission creation sessions for organizations and groups across myriad sectors.  David can bring this talent to bear on helping shape and focus the vision for the Forest Therapy Congress.