Creative and Sensory Approaches to Forest Therapy
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Forest Bathing With Your Dog

Nadine Mazzola, Director of Practicum, ANFT
Practicum Director
Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs

What could be better than forest bathing with your best friend? Our dogs are experts at forest bathing and can teach and guide us in their own masterful ways. All we have to do is slow down, listen and be. We may want to explore the dog owner market to grow our guiding business - or simply develop our own personal practice with our dogs. Author, guide, ANFT trainer and mentor, Nadine Mazzola, will discuss best practices for guiding groups of dog owners on forest therapy walks as well as tips and techniques to enjoy forest bathing with your own dog.

Nadine is founder and director of New England Nature and Forest Therapy Consulting thru which she does work as a Certified Forest Therapy Guide, speaking and corporate wellness consulting. She also works with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs (ANFT) as their Practicum Director and has been training and mentoring new guides since 2016. As a cancer survivor, practicing good self-care is Nadine's most important guiding principle for herself. She has come to know the healing and support that nature can offer us through her own personal wellness journey. Nadine has a business and marketing background and was formerly a world professional pocket billiards player competing on the Women's Professional Billiard Tour. Also, an artist, she facilitates Expressive Arts classes often incorporating elements of forest therapy throughout. She works with a wide variety of populations including the corporate business world, wellness professionals, people affected by cancer, students, special needs and seniors. A Massachusetts native who loves spending time forest bathing with her dog Nadine is also writing a book, “Forest Bathing with Your Dog”. She is joyous to be sharing forest bathing and creating environments for forest therapy. Nadine is available for consulting, group forest bathing workshops and speaking engagements.