Dinner Table Talk

Connecting Outer and Inner World as a Way to Overcome Global Environmental Change

Tahia Devisscher, PhD.
University of British Columbia

Dr. Tahia Devisscher has ten years of international experience working at the interface of environment and development. In her work, Tahia adopts systems thinking and uses mixed methods to integrate local traditional knowledge with scientific data, and assess possible climate change adaptation strategies based on sound ecosystem management. Tahia has a PhD from the University of Oxford (UK), and is currently a Postdoctoral and Teaching Fellow at the University of British Columbia (Canada). At present, she is investigating the extent to which urban forest distribution and management can increase both social and ecological resilience to climate change, and improve the way in which urban dwellers perceive, benefit from, and engage with nature. Adopting a learning-by-doing approach, Tahia is also teaching university students about the connection between forests, healthy urban communities, and global environmental change. In addition, Tahia is a holistic yoga teacher with experience leading yoga and mindfulness practice at conferences and outdoor spaces. She is also the designer and guide of NatureInYou Walks in the forest.