Creative and Sensory Approaches to Forest Therapy

Awakening to Earth's Archetypes: A Journey into our Untamed Selves

Mary Reynolds Thompson, CAPF, CJF
Live Your Wild Soul Story

Participants will be guided on a creative journey into five landscapes as aspects of their deeper, wilder selves. These ancient lands reveal the soul’s patterns and potential through image and metaphor. Here, where the inner and outer worlds meet, we discover within: the silence and simplicity of deserts - the mystery of forests - the flow of oceans and rivers - the inspiration of mountains - the regenerative spirit of grasslands. Once awakened, these “soulscapes” form a pathway of personal transformation aligned with the healing of the wild Earth.

Mary Reynolds Thompson, founder of Live Your Wild Soul Story, is an award-winning writer, facilitator of poetry therapy, eco-coach, and lover of both wild landscapes and wild language. She speaks and holds workshops internationally on the transformational power of landscape archetypes. An instructor for TreeSisters, a non-profit with the dual mission of empowering women and reforesting the tropics, Mary also serves as core faculty for the Therapeutic Writing Institute, the leading training institute for expressive writing therapy. Her book "Reclaiming the Wild Soul: How Earth’s Landscapes Restore Us to Wholeness" earned praise from Richard Louv, Bill Plotkin, and David Abram, among others. Mary can be reached at