Creative and Sensory Approaches to Forest Therapy

Adapting the Language of Invitation for Specific Populations

Jill Emmelhainz
Certified Forest Therapy Guide, Co-moderator Parents’ Forum of Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance, past National Ski Patrol/OEC Instructor

After a brief review of the ANFT best practices for the Language of Invitation, participants in this interactive seminar will analyze the needs of specific populations. This will include (but is not limited to) Business Leaders, Folks with Disabilities, Children, School Groups, the LGBQT Community, Religious Groups, and Medical Professionals. In small groups, participants will then consider ways to adapt the wording of common invitations in ways which honor and allow space for the values and strengths of these distinct groups of clients. This seminar will finish with brainstorming unique invitations tailored to each population. Seminar participants will leave with an expanded repertoire of effective invitations to use in their practice.

Jill is a certified Forest Therapy guide in Central Ohio. She is a creative dreamer, a story seeker, a nature lover, and a passionate advocate for the marginalized. In her second half of life, she is reinventing herself to use these strengths as she encourages others to discover their own unique paths to find wholeness and live fully in connection with Nature. Jill writes a blog at that highlights Forest Therapy and other outdoor adventures