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Join us for the 1st Annual International Forest Therapy Conference and Gathering of Guides on the beautiful grounds of Sonoma State University, just north of San Francisco. Sonoma State is arguably the birthplace of ecopsychology. Its expansive grounds include redwood forests, a stream, wonderful outdoor trails and indoor meeting spaces, and private en-suite rooms with shared kitchen and living facilities.

This conference is truly a collaborative effort. Our aim is to bring together forest therapy researchers, practitioners, and activists from every corner of the world. We have much to learn from each other. And we have much to celebrate.

Forest Therapy is a field that is rapidly developing and expanding. We envision that this annual conference will be an important part of the growth of the practice. You are needed.

Please register for the conference first, then come back to this page to complete your presentation proposal.

This is how we fly. This is how we breathe underwater. This where, this is how, we remember.
--A Forest Song, from Colorado

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