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Conference Work Trade Opportunities

We are not currently accepting more Work Trade Applications

A Conference is a work of may people who collaborate to make it a success. We are seeking volunteers to take one or more shifts for work trade. Each shift is 5 hours, and you must be committed to being fully present and in service for your entire shift. There are a limited number of work trade opportunities.

Work trade goals
Hospitality: The goal is for all participants to have a stress-free experience of feeling fully welcomed, oriented, and settled.

Presentation Assistance: The goal is for presenters to be fully supported so that sessions are the best possible experience for them and participants.  

Students who work two full shifts can have a 75% reduction in tuition; one shift will earn at 30% reduction.
Others who work 2 or more shifts can earn a 50% reduction in tuition; one shift will earn a 20% reduction.

Important: Note that these reductions apply only to the tuition portion of the conference registration, which is the total amount of registration minus the lodging and meal fee of $375. For example, if your total registration fee is $625, the tuition portion is $250. If you earn a 50% reduction it will reduce the tuition portion to $125. Your total registration fee will then be $375 (lodging) + $125 for a total of $500.

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