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Forest Bathing International (FOBI) was founded by the leadership team of the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs (ANFT). Its purpose is to
serve as a "big tent" organization of friendship and collaboration for forest therapy and shinrin-yoku practitioners from all backgrounds, regardless of training
and certification.

Our mission is to support ongoing international dialogue and friendship in forest therapy, and to contribute to initiatives to further develop and improve forest therapy
and provide opportunities for forest therapy practitioners and researchers. Our core values are friendship, curiosity, inclusion, and professionalism. We currently have two initiatives: 

  • An annual conference in North America, complementing international conferences in Asia and Europe organized by other groups.
  • Publication of Forest Bathing International Magazine and "Annual Readings" containing a wide variety of articles, videos, reviews, columns and other resources of interest to forest bathing practitioners and researchers.

We are listening to the field and watching as many organizations join the effort. We invite other leaders with similar ideas to join us in dialogue. Hopefully we can find common ground and perhaps share resources, agree to direct our energies toward each organization's greatest strengths, and grow together like a forest, rich in diversity, providing habitat for many forms of forest activism
and healing practices.

The Future: Over time, Forest Bathing International will become entirely independent of ANFT. However, initial funding is through gifts from ANFT, and ANFT leaders are serving as the initial board of directors while FOBI's application for non-profit status is in the process of approval. We anticipate that FOBI will be officially approved as a non-profit organization in the United States by Spring of 2020.

We invite feedback, conversation, and friendship
from all who care about forest therapy and who are committed to continuing the work of bringing it into
the world in a good way.

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